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DTR was created to help aspiring traders become profitable sooner.  Our goal is to teach traders how to build their own strategies, learn new techniques, and become profitable sooner. Michael created the room because he was frustrated with the quality of alert services pretending to be education focused. DTR members are serious, motivated traders that grow and constantly improve. 


Our  Live Trading Room is unique compared to other trading services as we limit the number of members in the room, focus on education, and do not provide alerts on twitter. Every day we will work with you and help you create a strategy that suits your trading goals, personality, and learning style. Michael helps traders learn sustainable, proven techniques that work in all market conditions. DTR members get a distinct edge through unprecedent access to training methods and techniques used by the most profitable Hedge Funds across the world. You will learn by seeing, discussing, and working with former Hedge Fund Trader day in and day out. He will learn your trading style and help you build a strategy that suits your personality. Together we will talk through trades as they happen, constantly evaluate market conditions, and answer questions live during market hours. DTR members build focused and disciplined trading habits while learning from a veteran trader.  Instead of chasing alerts Michael will show you how to beat the market and teach you how to trade like a pro. 

About Michael

Michael has been trading for over 8 years. He started his career in London after graduating from Law School. He quickly found a passion for trading while interning for a prop fund during the last year of his studies. After graduation he was offered a job trading FX products focusing on the EUR/USD, USD/CAD, and USD/JPY pairs. After one and a half years of trading FX the company was acquired by an offshore hedge fund and Michael relocated to the Channel Islands. He was retained by the fund and began to learn about equity products while being responsible for hedging the currency exposure of the short term portfolios. After automating the majority of his FX hedging responsibilities Michael transitioned to trading the short term equity technical strategies full time. There he focused on London and US based tech companies with a three day time horizon and was responsible for training new hires. He helped the fund achieve record gains in challenging market conditions associated with Brexit and the Trump Presidential campaign. After four years of managing the short term technical strategies  Michael decided to move back to Canada and began to trade his personal funds full time. Since then he has helped many of his friend’s become profitable traders, worked as a consultant for prop and hedge funds in Canada, and found a passion for helping trader’s achieve their goals.