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Are YOU Ready to Get Rich?

Profit while YOU Learn with Day Trading Coaching

"Trade With an Award Winning Day Trader"

"Committed to helping YOU Win"

"Learn hedge fund strategies that dominate the market"

DTR Makes Day Trading Easy

 How I Help You Win:

  • Profit while YOU learn

  • Daily Livestream

  • Private Discord

  • Strategy Documents

  • 1 on 1 Mentorship

Day Trade With a Pro

When I joined DTR I was simply looking for help. I was a losing trader who would catch a win every now and then. I had no consistent habits, plans, or ideas. Now I win and I win a lot. Thanks Mike


"Daily Livestream with Clear entry and profit targets"

"Private Discord so YOU never miss a Trade"

If you want to become a serious trader, you must join DTR. There wasn't a day that I didn't learn something new since I joined here. Michael is such a professional, transparent profitable trader that will guide you through every single step of a winning strategy and a winning mindset. I can't believe how much I've made in just a few months with DTR!


"Learn Hedge Fund Winning strategies that will unleash YOUR Financial Potential"

Michael's Trading Performance

My commitment to transparency

Organizing Data

About Michael

Proudly Turning Traders into Millionaires

Michael is an award winning trader who has over 8 years of long short equity experience. Michael spent the majority of his career working for a large hedge fund and was the youngest risk taking trader at the firm. Michael is passionate about trading, improves by teaching others, and loves seeing YOU win. Learn the strategies Hedge Funds don't want you to know.

Fully Transparent Trading

Other trading rooms don't livestream because they can't show you consistent results. They don't want YOU to know how much they lose. DTR Livestreams every single trade because we win and win often.

Profit While you Learn

Profit from Hedge Fund Strategies that dominate the market. Michael has been trading for 8+ years and is an award winning trader. Learn the WHY behind the trade.

More Money in your Pocket

THE DTR Premium Service, including all our features, is 25% cheaper than OUR competitors. Members win bigger, more often, and pay less to trade with DTR. That is more money in your pocket.

Designed to Help you Win

We help Members win by teaching simple, consistent, repeatable habits. Members get access to the best Hedge Fund training materials, trading books, and private 1 on 1 coaching. Let DTR help you change your life.

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