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The DTR Advantage

How DTR Helps YOU Win

The DTR Advantage: Services

Proven Performance

Learn how to Day Trade with a winning trader. Michael has been trading for 8+ years and knows how to win! DTR members are committed to the pursuit of exceptional performance. Unlock your financial potential with DTR.


*returns are for educational purposes only and are scaled down to show performance for a 10k starting account. Past returns are not indicative of future performance. Please perform your own due diligence before entering a trade.

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"When I joined DTR I was simply looking for help. I was a losing trader who would catch a win every now and then. I had no consistent habits, plans, or ideas. I didn’t even know how to create them.  With Michal I am learning all of those. With his completely transparent trading, I am not only able to see what he does and why, I am able to create some plays on my own which is the ultimate goal. I couldn’t be happier with DTR so far!"

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Improve Faster with DTR Mentorship

Master the Basics

Learn the DTR Trading method. You will use the Setup, Confirmation, and Execution system to find winning trades and avoid false breakouts. By mastering risk management, candlestick basics, and volume analysis you will have a strong foundation of knowledge to dominate the market. DTR Members quickly learn how to size positions, manage risk, analyze candles, find the highest momentum trades and capitalize on high probability trades.

School LIbrary
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Find Winning Plays

After mastering the basics DTR members apply their knowledge to find winning trades. Together, with the head trader, you will analyze, interpret, and discus setups as they happen. DTR members see and find high probability trades and know how to trade them. You will trade actionable setups with clear entry, stop, and profit targets live as they happen. Remove the doubt by working with an experienced trader. Unlock your edge today!

Dominate the Market

DTR members are obsessed with the pursuit of out performance. It is what drives them to continually succeed and improve. Come trade with the most successful, transparent, and consistent trading room. Start dominating the market and learn how to unlock your financial potential.

Winning Match
The DTR Advantage: Investment Products

"Join DTR if you are serious about finding consistency in trading and want to be taught by a professional. Michael has a no bs way of teaching - one you would expect from a seasoned trader. Expect to be called out if you are caught making excuses. You will be shown firsthand (with a very high degree of transparency) his setups, plays, and executions. I struggle with getting into the right mindset for trading and DTR has more than often nudged me in the right direction. Highly recommended if you are new to trading - you will avoid mistakes that cause people to blow up their accounts."

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The Daily Livestream

Live from 9am est - 4pm est M-F*

Day Trade with DTR day in day out. The best traders surround themselves with other talented, motivated, and likeminded traders. Learn how the market moves with live market commentary all day long. The DTR livestream is an unedited live product. All entries, stops, profit targets, etc are discussed as they happen. You will learn faster by seeing what risk management, position management, and winning trading looks like.

The DTR Advantage: Video
The DTR Advantage: Video

"I owe DTR so much. Michael's "setup, confirmation, execution" training method really suits my learning style. I learn so much every day on the stream and love how transparent everything is. DTR is the best trading room Ive tried yet. Michael actually wants to help me trade my own ideas, and goes above and beyond answering all my questions. Its fun making money with his trades but its better when I make money on my own plays."

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DTR Premium Alerts

Never Miss a Trade

Clocks on Shelf

Private Discord

Never miss a trade. Perfect for the day job warrior. The all day grinder. Let DTR do the grunt work and know when to tune in. Get access to the livestream via discord (as well as via the website) and private DMs for mentoring.

The DTR Advantage: Investment Products
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